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Addiction Disorders

Chemical addictions, whether they are to alcohol, street drugs, or prescription medications, usually cause a person to not only have difficulty controlling their drug(s), but also to develop personal and social traits that add to the problems of their lives. This can result in major adjustment difficulties like job losses, marital and relationship issues, irresponsible and illegal behaviors, and physical and medical problems. 
Quite frequently, drug abuse and addiction are accompanied by psychological problems such as anxiety or depressive disorders, social anxiety, traumas and PTSD, sleep disorders and nightmares, and major losses.  Successful treatment usually requires work on recognizing and controlling the addiction while also working on and treating the related psychological issues.  This is the treatment approach taken by our staff.
ASC staff provide testing, evaluation, and treatment for persons suffering from alcohol or drug problems. We have certified chemical dependency counselors who conduct chemical dependency (CD) evaluations. In addition, our staff are very experienced in treating persons with psychological problems that co-occur with chemical dependency or abuse.
Our psychological staff provides ongoing, intensive psychotherapy, which is integrated with our clients’ overall treatment and recovery goals so that all cooccurring problems are addressed concurrently and timely.
We have seen many of our clients who suffered from significant anxiety disorders, anger and emotion control issues, and disabling traumatic memories, in addition to their addictions, make great strides towards psychological stabilization which has given them a greater opportunity for successful recovery and prolonged abstinence.