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Child/Adolescent Chemical Abuse Problems

Our clinic specializes, among other issues, in working with individuals who have histories of developmental traumas and abuses. Because of this professional staff is very knowledgeable of the conditions that can harm the development of a child or adolescent and the behavioral outcomes of those negative effects.

We have found that children who come from homes where there has been alcohol or drug abuse by one or both parents or significant adults, or where they have been neglected, sometimes because their parent or parents were forced to work excessively just to help keep the family cared for, or whether they have been abused or to strictly disciplined, the chances of them becoming involved in experimenting and then using drugs are highly increased.

In addition, these children as well as children who for various reasons are shy or extremely sensitive socially seem to fall in with other children with similar adjustment difficulties at around the junior high school age and that is when they begin trying and then using cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol, at least initially. This is also when they start pulling away from and rebelling against their parents and other significant adults, such as teachers.

Our child and adolescent therapists are well-versed in the issues and problems that affect and lead young people to drug experimentation and abuse. They have the ability to communicate and establish therapeutic bonds with their clients, even if they are alienated and have come to distrust adults. They also use effective therapeutic techniques to help these children or adolescents work at overcoming their developing drug dependencies.