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Grief/Bereavement Problems

Anytime we experience a loss in our life, we have an emotional reaction and need to make an adjustment to that loss. When the loss is significant, or even traumatic, it can have a very disruptive effect on our life, to the extent of causing us to fall into despair and depression that could go on for the remainder of our lives. Clearly, the loss of a significant person, an important job, our financial holdings, or important property like a farm site that had been in the family for generations, and, especially, the loss of some important part of our body or our functional ability are all losses that can significantly alter our life and attitude about life.

Much as been written about tragic human loss and the inevitable grieving process through which we must go in order to readjust our lives to be able to continue living effectively. Frequently, the power of the emotional effect of loss stops us from working through this grieving process on our own. In such situations, help from a knowledgeable professional who understands and is sensitive to the hurt experience by the person suffering from the loss can help that individual get through the hardest of their problems.

Our clinic has a psychologist who specializes in tragic human loss and grief or bereavement problems, who has assisted many individuals through their tragedies over a number of years.